Corporate Solutions


Available 24/24, AIR APP works for you and with you. All your last minute ACMI requests can be easily solved by conecting our daily up to date information with your needs.

The long term cooperations are always a challenge based on endless negociations. AIR APP has the capacity to offer you an updated data base, realistic market research and a pro-active communication between the involved parties in order to achieve a “win-win” situation.

AOG Desk consultancy


“Lost time is never found again” (Benjamin Franklin)

So the clients trust. If you’re facing an AOG which is affecting your whole business is time to speed-up and look for the fastest and most eficiently solution. You need a partner who will assume your request in the shortest time possible and manage in a proficiency way the crisis situation.

AIR APP provide professional AOG consultancy for:








Start-up business. Plans & Consulting

To step-in is easy, to survive is crucial.

That is the reason why when you are planning a business you need more than a “start-up” plan but a feasibility study. AIR APP doesn’t offer you only the base but the chance to develop together. We want to assure your succes and strong increasment.

Charter flights consultancy

No matter your group size, preference of services or choice of destination, a charter flight is the fastest and productive solution to meet your clients demands.

Is time-saving and cost-effective to apply for a private flight either is for a business travel, incentive trip, a sport event or a product launch.

Aviation Industry has no limits in time and space. It’s only about a reaquest and there can be thousands of solutions if you search the right way. AIR APP is the best and fastest option to achieve the final goal. Either you’re looking for a classic charter flight, an ACMI long term cooperation, an AOG crisis solution or a complex maintenance check, our team can tailor any service in order to meet your requirements.

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